Electrofusion fittings

HAKA Plast sells on electrofusion fittings for geothermal heating system installation. Available are electrofusion sockets, bends (45° and 90°) and tees (90°).

Drill-hole cover with gasket

HAKA Plast also sells on drill-hole covers with gaskets. These covers are used to cover the casing pipe during the installation of vertical geothermal heating systems. The drill-hole cover holds the pipes in place and secures the end of the casing pipe. Drill-hole cover has a gasket, which can be regulated by the bolts.

Additional weight

Additional weights can be attached to the vertical geothermal heating collectors made by HAKA Plast.

Pre-insulated pipe

As a special product HAKA Plast makes also pre-insulated pipes. The diameters of pressure pipes that can be insulated are Ø63mm-Ø160mm and the lengths of the pipes are 6m or 12m.

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